Know more about Euro Chemicals, Inc.

Euro Chemicals, Inc. was born and incorporated on August 1, 1992. It initially offered a line of biological, natural, and chemical active ingredients for cosmetics products.

The company’s primary aim is to provide the Philippine cosmetic industry with the highest quality raw materials – sourced from the best raw material suppliers from all over the world, and supported by scientific research and the most advanced technology available. Euro Chemicals commits itself to assisting Filipino cosmetic manufacturers in their quest for better products through the dissemination of vital information that will bring all the latest developments in cosmetics to the attention of its clients, and the market at large.

To further its growth efforts and synchronize its offering with emerging global trends, Euro Chemicals has expanded into other compatible industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. This strategic direction is certain to benefit greatly from Euro Chemicals’ alliance with the very best raw material suppliers. As such, the company continues to be on the look-out for partners that share its mission of offering products that will be beneficial to Filipino businesses, and the Filipino market.

The true mark of Euro Chemicals’ success is in pioneering ever-newer and more cutting edge technologies and applications to the Philippine cosmetics and food industries, which through the years has uplifted the entire industry to higher standards and levels of growth.

Aims to provide the Philippine Cosmetic Industry with the Highest Quality Raw Materials

Commits itself to assisting Filipino Cosmetic Manufacturers in their quest for better products.

Our Quality Policy

We strive to conduct our business with a commitment to customer satisfaction.


Improving the company’s system and processes by recognizing change as an integral component of quality advancement


Creating an environment which is conducive to job satisfaction, productivity, and professional growth and development


Exceeding customer expectations by providing high-quality and innovative products and excellent services

Enriching Lives with State-of-the-art Technologies

Our Vision

To be the top-choice provider of Excellent Services and Quality Innovative Products in a Globally-Competitive Market.

Our Mission

Excellence in Service, Integrity, Loyalty, Commitment, Love, Teamwork, Passion for learning and development.